3 Little Figs

There is something indescribable about your neighborhood coffee shop.  It’s not that I don’t love many of the cafes in Somerville, because I truly enjoy sampling all that there is to offer, but there’s usually one spot that is simply near and dear to your heart.

For me that spot is 3 Little Figs.  For the better part of a decade, I lived a few blocks away from Figs, which sits on Highland Ave in the Spring Hill neighborhood.  This place has it all.  Owners Katie and Andy know you by name and make you feel incredibly welcome.  From baked goods to breakfast & lunch sandwiches, smoothies, and incredible coffee, all is made in-house and with thoughtfully sourced ingredients.

My personal favorite order is a Pepper Biscuit breakfast sandwich paired with an iced oat milk latte.  Order online to pickup on the go or relax at one of their outdoor tables watching the hustle and bustle of Highland Ave, you’ll truly be a part of the neighborhood when you’re at Figs.

Colin O'Donnell

Colin O'Donnell

VP of Revenue & Distribution