Packages & Offers

When you’re at Cambria, you’re immersed in the center of the incredibly vibrant neighborhoods of Cambridge & Somerville.  Whether it’s visiting a local brewery, touring a neighboring chocolate factory, or sampling buttery delights at a nearby bakery, there’s something for everyone right within reach.  Our goal is to always bring the best of our neighborhood right to you, and the same goes for our packages & offers. Go ahead and make the most of your Camberville experience with one of our crafted packages below.

Unique architecture on a building near Cambria hotel in Somerville, MA

Stay Local

Close to both Boston & Cambridge but with an identity all its own, Somerville is neither bustling big city nor sleepy suburb. It’s a dynamic microcosm of everything that makes our area great. Our location is a perfect jumping off point for exploring our home and seeing what our neighbors are creating, making, and doing just steps from our doors.