Alden & Harlow

As a self-proclaimed baseball-mom living in the ‘burbs, it’s not too often that I have a chance to go to hip Harvard Square to dine with adults.  But when my friends said they were headed to the super popular Alden & Harlow, I got right on the phone with the babysitter!

Alden & Harlow has a huge bar where they serve amazing cocktails, and trendy Mocktails for those driving.  We started with a few bites to share.  The three-onion dip and smoked chicken “nuggets” were a table fav, and the fried brussels sprouts made me forget that I hated them as a kid.  A few at the table raved about the “Secret Burger”.  I’m not sure what the secret was, but one said it was the best burger they’d ever had.  I shared the Basil Pasta with a carrot Bolognese, and you’d never know it was a vegetarian dish.

The atmosphere is relaxed, and the service was excellent.  So next time you park your car at Harvard Yard, head to Alden & Harlow! 

Erin Crowell

Erin Crowell

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