Forge Baking Company

If you’ve got a sweet tooth (or a savory tooth for that matter), you’ve found your new home!  With a vast array of breads, pastries, sandwiches, and more, Forge Baking Company has something for everyone.  All their breads and pastries are made in-house, right in their open bakery kitchen that you can sidle right up to while munching on a croissant. Even more impressive? Everything is naturally fermented, meaning they use no commercial yeast and pastries and breads generally take days to create!  They also have a great coffee selection from Intelligentsia Coffee.

In the warmer months, they open up a connected old school ice cream bar where they churn incredible, high quality homemade ice cream.

Like to get your hands into the dough?  Be sure to check out their baking classes to get hands on experience with their expert bakers and learn to make bread, pastries, and more!

Christopher Smith

Christopher Smith

Director of Revenue & Distribution