Exploring Local Breweries

Whether you’ve visited Boston in the past 10 years or not, one thing is becoming abundantly clear – Boston is as much “Beer”town as it is Beantown.

With the craft beer scene still playing a large part of driving the local economy, breweries are a third space that both locals and tourists alike can enjoy. While there are a few breweries around Boston proper, the majority lie on the opposite side of the river in neighboring towns Cambridge & Somerville. As Boston’s Craft Beer Concierge, I’m here to shed some light on the amazing local beer scene for you – some places that you might never have heard of are a short walk or Uber ride away from your stay at Cambria.

Breweries You Can Walk To

Make a left out of the Cambria and you’re already on the right track – two local breweries are within a 10 minute walk. Both are known for their independent spirit, flavorful beers, and community vibes.

Your first stop should be Aeronaut Brewing Company. Founded nearly 10 years ago and about to celebrate that big milestone next year, they’ve made their home in an old staple factory next door to a boulder climbing gym. What could be more refreshing post-climb than a beer?! One thing I appreciate about Aeronaut (and all the breweries about to be listed, honestly) is their commitment to diversity in styles. Come into their taproom and be greeted with options ranging from hoppy ales, to light lagers, and fruited sours. They host a wide array of local music acts throughout the week, and have Trivia Tuesdays, if you’re in town on a weeknight and looking for something to do.

Craft Beer Concierge Recommended Tip? Grab some Venezuelan arepas from their in house food vendor that pair perfectly with their flavorful beers.

Another 5 minutes down the road you’ll come across Bow Marketplace, a mix of restaurants, bars, and independently owned shops in one of the cooler spots this side of the river. It’s also home to Remnant Brewing, who just celebrated their 6th year. Remnant also doubles as a coffee shop, so if you’re looking to get some work done but not yet ready for beer – you can go hang and grab a cold brew of a different sort! Remnant’s Hang Time IPA is their signature Citra-hopped beer and absolutely fantastic. They also dabble in sours, German styles, and have an affinity for darker beers.

Craft Beer Concierge Recommended Tip? Either make use of their people-watching perfect patio in the back, or if it’s fire pit season, see about bringing their beers to the courtyard in Bow Market for a cozy fire-side sip.

While this next spot is walkable, its closer to a half hour, so if an Uber is more your style – Don’t miss a chance to get over to Portico Brewing Company, sitting just at the bridge of Somerville and Cambridge in a new development. Opening just over a year ago, it’s one of the areas’ newest breweries. With a commitment to sustainability both in how they operate their taproom and brew their beers, they’re both a brewery with a mission and on a mission to serve delicious ales & lagers. One thing I love about their beers? A majority of them hover close to 5% abv. It’s rare today to walk in somewhere and catch 5 of 7 offerings being on the lower alcohol side, and I appreciate that! I highly recommend their Two Point Pilsner and Escher Pale Ale.

Craft Beer Concierge Recommended Tip? Go in unafraid to embrace your inner child! Portico offers Lego to play with, an old school Super Nintendo system to enjoy, and tons of fun memory-inducing board games.

Breweries to Visit by Uber or Bike

A bit farther away in Cambridge (but truly not that much farther) are two spots I’d be remiss to not mention.

Cambridge Brewing Company has been a mainstay and OG in the Boston beer scene for 35 (!!) years, and keep making great beers in a brew pub setting just outside of Kendall Square. A place to stay and get a meal, you can order pints and flights and sample your way through. They stay true to classics like pilsners and porters, but also offer up experimental beers such as funky sours, Belgian style ales, and lagers. It’s a great spot for a bigger group, and they do take reservations as well.

Craft Beer Concierge Recommended Tip? Get the nachos. That is all.

Lastly, but *certainly* not least-ly(?) is Lamplighter Brewing Company, just about a 10 minute walk from Cambridge Brewing. Lamplighter came on the scene in 2016 and has become a wildly popular place to enjoy flavor focused beers between students and other locals alike. They truly cover the style bases, and often offer up themed flights based on their offerings so you can dig into “Lager Land” or “Hoppy happenings” as you would like! They also double as a coffee shop during the day, if you’re looking for a space to get some work done. If their Stardust IPA is on draft, that’s what *I* am always reaching for.

Craft Beer Concierge Recommended Tip? Check out their back room! Their space can often be crowded, but if you head back past the bathrooms, there’s a whole other taproom space and bar to enjoy.

Honestly, no matter where you end up, you’ll just be doing yourself a favor by taking some some time to explore the beer scene of Somerville & Cambridge. It’s a great way to support local businesses & get a pulse for a community during your stay, whether your first time in town, or fifteenth!

Feel free to follow me on Instagram @craftbeerconcierge or head to my website www.thecraftbeerconcierge.com for more great information about beer, and if I can be of any help planning your sudsy itinerary while you’re here!

Craft Beer Concierge

Craft Beer Concierge