Bow Market

Located just down the street from the hotel, Bow Market has become a truly special place in the heart of Union Square.  Housed in a former storage building, the market is now home to more than 30 independent food, art, and retail shops.  Oh, and did I mention a brewery and a wine bar as well?  With a big open courtyard, you can shop, eat, and just soak in the good vibes. Here are a few of our favorite spots in Bow Market:

Hot Box

I can’t tell you how much I love Hot Box!  They combine the North Shore and South Shore with North Shore roast beef sandwiches and South Shore bar pizzas, two of lesser-known New England staples.  Sure, when you think of New England you probably go to clam chowder and baked beans, but beef & pizza are great local gems. Hot Box, in the heart of Bow Market does both really well.  Get the Roast Beef 3 ways, a classic which includes mayo, BBQ sauce and cheese.  The South Shore bar pies are extra crispy and single-serving sized. Can’t decide which Shore you belong to?  Just get both!


Remnant Brewing

A staple in Bow Market, Remnant brewing pumps out excellent beer on premises which guests can enjoy in a few distinct spaces.  Out on their back beer garden, stepped seating made from reclaimed granite from the Longfellow Bridge renovation serves as a great hangout spot.  Pro tip, grab some food from one of the many spots in Bow and bring it into the brewery.  It’s encouraged!  Oh, and Remnant has awesome coffee too!


Vinyl Index

Self-described as “the intersection of a classic record store and a vinyl boutique,” Vinyl Index stands out in an already crowded record store scene in Somerville.  Head to the second floor of Bow market and spend a little extra time perusing records and chatting with the staff about music.  Now in the evenings, they are pouring drinks so you can really sit back and enjoy the vibe. Be sure to check out the great record shops in Somerville!

Colin O'Donnell

Colin O'Donnell

VP of Revenue & Distribution